Disaster Recovery + Yunohost

Greetings guys,

hope you’re having a nice weekend. Downtime is never a good thing. I have a single VPS node running Yunohost and from time to time I experience downtime due to issues with my provider or scheduled maintenance work on their behalf. I’m looking into possibly setting up a second VPS to handle downtime of the main node.

Does any of you guys have Disaster Recovery solutions setup? What works for you the best? What was your experience so far? Let’s discuss

Who is your provider? What country?

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Have a look into the Fallback app and its documentation and README.


Wow! Thanks for sharing that.

Looks very cool but I think it really still is a “home” solution of the problem.
Did you have experience with running Disaster Recovery yourself? Maybe outside of Yunohost ecosystem?

That’s incorrect, you “only” need to find another VPS server provider to setup the Fallback server.

Unfortunately no, not myself nor within our outside YunoHost.

By “home solution” I meant that it’s not a very enterprise solution. Yes, I understand that even Yunohost itself isn’t very enterprise but true Disaster Recovery solutions constantly stream data to the recovery server for maximum service quality and don’t rely on nightly backups.

it depends. A lot of small enterprise are ok to lose 1 day or half a day in case of disaster. I have one client who backup their email every hour and their apps every days.

On my side, i experimented a replication using proxmox (but between 2 servers in the same room).

At ARN it’s the same with drbd, the server are in the same bay. I think it could be possible to use drbd to send every 30min for example.

However, be sure to have true backup in more of this kind of real time replication.
Maybe reading this could help you (i don’t know if you are a profesionnal adminsys or not): Backup strategies | Yunohost Documentation

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Hi Adel,

In my opinion, the way to go for you would be a ProxMox (or anything similar) with your Yunohost as a virtual machine.
You could then snapshot every xx minutes or so your Yunohost and send this snapshop on a backup server.

But even with that, if your main Yunohost falls, you’d still have to find a way to switch to your fallback server. So it still requires some manual settings that could take some time (I mean, it won’t be an instant thing solution).

Let us know if you find any solution that fits your needs.


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Snapshots made through my VPS provider take a lot of time and make the system unusable during the process (which makes sense). I can’t understand how ProxMox makes Live Snapshots which are not corrupt by the end of the process as they even snapshot RAM. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Snapshots are quick if you use ZFS (not lvm).


ZFS looks awesome! Even supports incremental snapshots. Thank you for sharing.

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit late to this discussion but thought my little experience with this app might help.
I’ve had it going for years now with a failover server running on a cheap VPS.

I’ve had to use it once only, but it saved the day! Within less than one hour (because I took my time) I was up and running with all important data ok.

Every night, my system is incrementally backed up and ready to deploy/transfer to failover as needed.

I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve said it before elsewhere—I think this app should be core. Unfortunately, it isn’t maintained at the moment.

Hope that helps. Peace :slight_smile:

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Since this last post, I’ve needed to redeploy the fallback server. Unfortunately, I got an error with the json package files (which must have evolved, while the software hasn’t been maintained?)

So for me, unless this package is maintained, it’s now dangerous to use it…

Sharing the error log would be nice to understand the issue.

True. I hope I can find that… will have a look.
but since then I’ve packed up the server and moved on.