Disabling SSOWAT for one IP or subnet?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to configure my yunohost instance so I can acces to a certain URL (in my case, that would be https://mydomain.net/transmission/downloads/) from a specific public IP and without the need to authenticate with single-sign-on.
So far I’ve managed to tell SSOWAT to skip this URL by doing
sudo yunohost app setting transmission skipped_uris -v "/downloads/"
sudo yunohost app ssowatconf

but as I don’t want it to be accessible to the entire world (hey google robots, please come and index my torrents collection :grin:), I’ve restricted access to my public IP @ home in nginx configuration in /etc/nginx/conf.d/mydomain.net.d/transmission.conf

allow 82.237.xxx.xxx; deny all;

Now, I’d like to know if it’s possible to tell somewhere in /etc/ssowat/conf.json to skip authentication only for my public IP?

To add a little context to my post, what I aim to do is to pass some urls located in https://mydomain.net/torrent/downloads/ to my freebox (router from the famous french ISP) for it to download them while I’m not at home and no computer is up and running, and for that to work, I need the authentication to be deactivated.