Difference between "skipped_urls" and "unprotected_urls"?

This may sound stupid to ask this question. But I would like to know difference between “skipped_urls” and “unprotected_urls” ? :blush:


You have en explanation of each of SSOWAT parameter here : https://github.com/YunoHost/SSOwat/blob/stretch-unstable/README.md

After looking quickly at the link, I don’t understand what theses parameters do.

I feel like having examples or “real life implementation” easily accessible could be a nice idea to ease the packager work. I had no use for theses SSO settings while packaging for now.
I looked in the documentation and I found nothing useful about this :frowning_face: (I might have missed something)

The documentation about that had been replaced…

Thanks for that @Maniack_Crudelis. Unfortunately, there is an issue because it cannot be displayed on the Yunohost website

I tried with Firefox and internet explorer and I remember that other pages had the same problem in the past

Ping @Support_Doc

Does https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_helpers_en works ?


It reminds me this https://helpers.yunohost.org by the way. Which one is up to date? ( if it possible, a forward from the old page to the new one would be really nice)

https://yunohost.org/#/packaging_apps_helpers_en should be used , helpers.yunohost.org was my mistake instead of putting this directly in the doc :wink: Sorry about that

I’ll try to implement a redirect at some point when I have time :s

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Totally agree with time.

Issue created on the bugtracker to don’t forget it https://github.com/YunoHost/issues/issues/1239

I just realized that I did reference the good page from @Maniack_Crudelis

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  • skipped_urls

List of URLs and/or URIs that will not be affected by SSOwat. This must be a JSON array, and SSOwat automatically adds itself to this array.

  • unprotected_urls

List of URLs and/or URIs that will not be affected by SSOwat unless user is authenticated

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