Diagnosis: Port is not reachable from outside

i have some problems with ports firewall says it is open but i cannot connect my Wireguard Server.

Diagnosis: Port is not reachable from outside


 # yunohost firewall list
  - 22
  - 25
  - 53
  - 80
  - 443
  - 587
  - 993
  - 1935
  - 1936
  - 5222
  - 5269
  - 5349
  - 5350
  - 5353
  - 8097
  - 8448
  - 22000

Hardware: VPS bought online …

As explained in the diagnosis message:

To fix this issue, you most probably need to configure port forwarding on your internet router as described in Configure port-forwarding | Yunohost Documentation

Some VPS have their own internal router settings. I know on Oracle Cloud, I had to open external ports to my VPS machine.

What VPS are you using?

Hetzner VPS and i checked if there is a firewall loaded, no. I have a Wireguard VPS on another Hetzner machine, it works since years. I will make a portscan on the machine.

Sry it seams that the port is opened. I got no receive packets when aktivating the WG Tunnel. Together with the Diagnosis i thought it is closed. Seems its an other problem.

user@host# nmap -sU -p 8097 x.x.x.x
Starting Nmap 7.93 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2024-02-09 13:47 CET
Nmap scan report for x.x.x.x
Host is up (0.019s latency).

8097/udp open|filtered sac

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