Diagnosis complains about an unknown php-fpm service

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Foreword / Disclaimer

This is not an important issue: everything works fine. To my understanding, this is a bug/strange behavior of the diagnosis tool.

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Dedicated server bought online
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH & the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

Since July the first, a new warning appeared in the automatic diagnosis:

[WARNING] Service php7.4-fpm is unknown :(
  - You can try to restart the service, and if it doesn't work, have a look at the service logs in the webadmin (from the command line, you can do this with 'yunohost service restart php7.4-fpm' and 'yunohost service log php7.4-fpm').

There is no php7.4 package installed, but there might have been some time ago, since I had some php-fpm issues when I migrated my webapps from the now obsolete Multi custom webapp to the maintained My Webapp Yunohost app. I have numerous apps depending on php-fpm (most on 7.3, some on 8.0), but none of them recently upgraded from 7.4.

The only relevant information found in the logs is that a php7.4-fpm service gracefully stopped the day the warning appeared (without causing any problem since nothing needed it).

That day, I configured a new subdomain, installed a Let’s Encrypt certificate for it and installed vaultwarden, so nginx was reconfigured and restarted, which might have caused that rogue fpm process to finally stop.

My questions

  1. Why did that fpm process survive the uninstall/upgrade of the last app that used it?
  2. Why does the diagnosis tool complain about it?
  3. Is this the anticipated error for this warning? If so, the proposed solution is irrelevant (the service is not installed, it can’t be restarted).

I will eventually restart this Yunohost instance, at least before the version 11 upgrade.

Thanks for enlighting me…

You can use sudo apt purge --autoremove php7.4* to see if some app depends of that php version. You can see some packages related to Yunohost apps with names like app-ynh-deps. If all packages are related to uninstalled apps you can press enter to uninstall packages. Otherwise you must press control + C to cancel uninstall process

I had a similar issue several weeks ago:

"php7.4-fpm installed with sudo apt install php7.4-fpm again.

I did search the forum, but haven’t found your post (I did not search specifically for 7.4). It is interesting that it is the very same package that got removed.

For now I won’t reinstall it, since it seems to be useless, and see if the warning survives the next reboot. Anyway, the package will be automatically installed through the Buster->Bullseye migration, since 7.4 is the official php version in Bullseye (and yunohost 11 will likely depend on it).

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