Default owner of yunohost.multimedia folder

Hello everyone, after a manual restore the yunohost.multimedia folder has set the user and root group as the owner of the various directories and sub-direrctories. I don’t think this is the correct configuration, is there a command for restoring the correct permissions and owners? Alternatively what are the correct default owners and groups?

5 hours been passed since you’ve posted and nobody did reply,
i think its because nobody really understand your post, i don’t anyway
what do you mean by yunohost multimedia folder?
can you please explain more?

“5 hours been passed” coz we are not employed by Yunohost Inc.

On my server, yunohost.multimedia is owned by root.

# ls -l /home

drwxrwxr-x+ 10 root      root        4096 Dec  3 23:53 yunohost.multimedia

About the subfolders, each one are owned by its user (subfolder user1 is owned by user1, subfolder user2 owned by user2…), all of them belongs to root group.

# ls -l /home/yunohost.multimedia

drwxrwxr-x+ 6 user1   root 4096 Nov 30 11:39 user1
drwxrwxr-x+ 6 user2     root 4096 Nov 30 11:39 user2
drwxrwxr-x+ 6 user3  root 4096 Nov 30 11:39 user3
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thank you professor for letting me know we are not employed by yunohost inc.
i am just not familiar with this multimedia no need to be rude to people,
i saw nobody reply for long time so i tried to help.

Not with that attitude. :slight_smile:

These two sentences are not great conversation openers. If you do not understand something, the end of your message is quite fine on its own, no need to refer to an imaginary deadline after which the community considers a post as “too old, must be a bad question”.

Anyone is welcome to help, but please try to stay civil, open-minded, and patient. :slight_smile:


@Kit is listing the output of ls -la /home/yunohost.multimedia

Notice the + in the output, we need to check also the ACLs:

sudo getfacl -R /home/yunohost.multimedia

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there some true in what you said maybe i am wrong in my post opening cause i am not familiar with yunohost.multimedia i didn’t even knew there is something like this,
the second issue is English is not my native language sometimes its hard for me to express myself at the right way,

but i understand what you’re saying i think you’re right about it,
but at the end no need reply a rude reply he can explain in a better there is such thing the maximum i will apologize and fallback,

maybe the best is i will stop replying to people on this forum, that’s actually what i plan to do, i just need to done with plio cause i did set him in a deep situation and i will be able to get off and not disturb anyone or myself

Didn’t knew that command.

Beware, the -R will list all files. In my case thousands of files.

For the first level of subfolders, I would consider getfacl /home/yunohost.multimedia/* instead.

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First of all, I am sorry if this topic of mine has stirred up dissension and controversy: that was not my intention.

Back to my request: all the multimedia folders of the various users are correctly set to owner=user group=root but the share folder has root as owner and root group. Is this all correct?

Yeah personally I did not answer because the more time passes, the more I’m annoyed and won’t answer posts posted in the “support” category that don’t follow any template

Not to mention that OP is asking « what are the correct default owners and groups » yet « don’t think this is the correct configuration » … maybe if OP don’t think this is the correct configuration, OP has some idea of what should be the correct configuration …

Yes, as mentioned previously, you are probably only reading the regular UNIX permission and did not read the whole ACL stuff …

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