Default Mail Account mail@domain.etc already in use but not visible


My YunoHost configuration

Hardware: x64 vps
Internet access: in a datacenter
YunoHost version:
yunohost: 3.3.3 (stable)
yunohost-admin: 3.3.1 (stable)
moulinette: 3.3.1 (stable)
ssowat: 3.3.2 (stable)
Have you personalized your yunohost with some specifics configurations or do you use only the yunohost cli/webadmin tool ?: basic

Description of my problem

This will be my first post in this forum. The installation of YUNOHOST was very smooth and setting it up took me under 20min. I am already very pleased.

I encountered a problem while i was creating new users for my various pre-install email accounts. I would like to use the account: mail@domain.etc. The error message is that this user is already in use. I can see this in the front-interface.

What can i do or where can i look? I would like to use this account for my e-mail because i used it in my previous installation with virtualmin and i have a lot of accounts running on this email account.

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Hellow !

Can you confirm that you are trying to use literally mail@somedomain.tld (and not someothername@somedomain.tld ?)

If yunohost complains that this address is already used, then my guess is that there’s already a user with main address or alias being mail@somedomain.tld ? But if you didn’t explicitly configure such an address/alias then that’s weird :confused: …


thank you for your answer. I tried something and it helped. :smiley:
Here is the solution:
If a user tries to create a new user with the name “mail” then the system will tell the user that this user is already in use. That means the user “mail” is in use but not the mail address. Two different things. :wink:

I created a user with the name “notmail” and with the mail address: mail@somedomain.tld
Thanks for the think impulse :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I guess I was happy too soon :frowning:

Now that i tried to configure the account in my local thunderbird instance i figured out that something is still wrong. Thunderbird tells me that it could not verify the account or the password. I double checked everything. The password and the account name are correct.

Uuuh well be careful that if your username is notmail then you should use, as login (in thunderbird) “notmail”, and as address “notmail@somedomain.tld” ! From what I understand from what you did/describe, mail@somedomain.tld is just an alias …

you are right. It was an alias for the users account name, so naming the account different from the mail address changes nothing. That means i am at the start again.

How could i get access on the mail@somedomain.tld? Could i provide logs to help figuring out a solution?

Well I’m not sure to understand how you do stuff in the first place. Let’s try to recap precisely what naively I think should work :

From the webadmin, go in User, and click on Create User

  • Username : whateveryouwant
  • First and last names : whateveryouwant, whateveryouwant
  • Email : mail@yourdomain.tld
  • Mailbox quota : whatever…
  • Password : whatever

What happens if you do this ? (Having deleted any previous user associated with the mail@ address)

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with the “notmail” user i did what you suggested. I could create the user with the Email “mail@yourdomain.tld”
but with my thunderbird i could access the account only via notmail@yourdomain.tld.

  • Username : notmail
  • First and last names : whatever
  • Email : mail @yourdomain.tld
  • Mailbox quota : whatever…
  • Password : whatever

going for:

  • Username : mail
  • First and last names : whatever
  • Email : mail @yourdomain.tld
  • Mailbox quota : whatever…
  • Password : whatever
    then the system will deny me the action, telling me the user already exists.

Ah, thinking more about it, now I understand better what might be happening (in the second case) which probably is that there’s a user system which is probably called mail for various reasons.

So I think your first case is the right approach.

So back to thunderbird. Following the screenshot available here :

I think you should fill :

  • Your name : whatever you want
  • Email address : mail@yourdomain.tld
  • Password : the password you chose …
    and then at the bottom :
  • Username : notmail (for both incoming and outgoing)

Would that work ?

YES that works like a charme.

thank you very much for your help. :slight_smile:

PS: my error was that i used the wrong username in the thunderbird configuration. I thought i need to use the email alias “mail” as the username. Again thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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Yes that detail is definitely not 100% obvious :wink:

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