Default Domain (User Interface) and Admin login on different domains?

Hi everyone,

i couldn’t find a similar question/answer myself in the documentation or forum - so here we are.

I use Yunohost on a VPS with 2GB Ram, 2Core, 60GB. Installed via uploading the .iso , ssh and webadmin access possible.

My question is software related - and quite general. Its not a must have - but i am asking myself if its possible.

I set the standard domain to “” when installing.
With that
a) user interface is accessible on that domain via browser
b) admin interface is accessible via

Can this be separated - lets say something like:

a) user interface is accessible on (and apps are mostly installed under that domain - e.g.
b) admin interface is accessible via and/or

Its just a question out of interest as i am currently planning where to put all my apps (first i thought about a own subdomain for each - but as this needs dns entries for each i went for one subdomain for all, and single subdomains only when needed)

Do you know if that is possible?

The yunohost webadmin is available on every configured domain as well as local and global IP, and it does not conflict with apps that may be installed on these