Default domain and email/XMPP

Hey, had a couple general Yunohost questions. I just finished a first-time installation this morning and want to make sure I haven’t broken something before I continue too much further with this instance.

I was a bit confused by the way “domain” was used in the installation process. Initially I set it to example . com (spaces added because Discourse thinks these are links and I’ve hit the link limit) because I thought Yunohost would control a bunch of apps under example . com and spin up an admin interface on a subdomain. But later I learned that wasn’t true, and that domains weren’t hierarchical. So I changed my default domain to portal. example. com, but I see that my email address is still nolan@example . com despite changing the default domain. So, a couple questions:

  1. How does Yunohost determine the email domain from the default domain? Does it go a level up from the default, or do I still have my old, correct email address by virtue of setting up my account with example . com as my default domain?

  2. How should I set things up for future installations? Assume I’m setting up something at example2 . com. I want example2 . com/www. example2 .com to point to some web presence, something like portal .example2 .com to point to my admin interface, but I still want,, etc. Should I do what I did and set up as the default domain until I’m ready to set up a website or something there, then move over to portal. example. com for users? I’m just hoping that future users won’t have their email addresses set incorrectly.

  3. Unrelated to the above, right now I’ve got a few different websites and Gitea instances not sharing authentication sources. I’m thinking it might be nice to manage them in a single YNH instance. But I might want to spin off one of these website/Gitea instance combos into a separate project on another YNH instance. In that case, is it usually OK to back up the app and restore it into the new instance? Assume that a) this will only be done from my single-user instance and b) my username will be identical at the source and destination. I’m guessing this should be doable with the possible issue that some LDAP DNs may need to be changed in configurations/database dumps, but I thought I’d check first.


Regarding 1) and 2), I think the answer is “you can just attribute any username@whateverdomain.tld” (as long as whateverdomain.tld is a domain/subdomain registered in Yunohost). You can do so by going in the Webadmin, in Users > …theuser… > Edit > choosing another domain for the main email. If you change the main domain, then you indeed need to manually go to every user and propagate the main email domain (if that’s your intention somehow)

I’m a bit confused by question 3), but the answer if yes, you can backup and restore an app on another server - assuming that the destination server also has the domain registered somehow (we don’t (yet?) support restoring to a different installation url, this is a complex matter though it would be epic). But maybe there are some technical specificities to be careful about in the context of Gitea, idk


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