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Dato is an application that make it easy to generate and modify any type of database entries with a nice UI/UX.

With it, you can create and handle any amount of databases, choose and setup what type of entries to put in them and customize yourself the UI that will let you edit databases entries.

You can think of dato as an app that can replace: address book apps, todo list apps, table sheets to store lists of things… because it’s flexible enough to do all these the way you want it to be done.

The purpose of dato is not to propose a UI specific to some purpose, but something as customizable as possible, so that you can in a few minutes setup any kind of database. However, if you want a more specialized interface to improve the UX for your needs, you can create plugins to extend the default general functionalities.

Dato is a progressive webapp, which means that you can install it from the browser in computer and phones, and use it offline.

Shipped version: 1.5.11



Official demo

Install dato on YunoHost:

$ yunohost app install dato


I developed this app myself, so any feedback and critique are very welcome. The app’s logic is still a bit complex to get started with, and would definitely benefit from having a little video tutorial, but I didn’t yet have time to create one. But there is an in-app step by step guide.

If you have any issue with the yunohost package, you’re welcome to report them here, and with the app itself you’re even more welcome here. Even direct complaints and requests for improvements :slight_smile:

For more info, you can also check the package readme or directly the documentation of dato itself.

Pour plus d’infos en français c’est ici.

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Please note that, until the yunohost catalog is updated, the app is shown as Level 1 in the catalog. But installing it will still give you the latest version, which is Level 7, as displayed here and on the github page.

Edit: The issue should be solved, and the app should now be displayed as level 7 in the catalog as well :slight_smile: