Data folder on another server on the same network


Hi everyone,

I recently installed Yunohost on a second machine. On the first one, there is several hard drive managed with storage spaces through Windows 10.
Is there a way to redirect the data folder of apps to the storage space on the Windows 10 computer ?

I want to keep the storage computer and the service one separated. The storage space is already available through my home network.

Example : Calibre-Web on the Yunohost computer will retrieve the ebooks hosted on the windows computer.

You can answer in french. I perfectly understand it.

Have fun!

You may mount windows file system on your yunohost and then access it like a regular folder.
See for example: sshfs [Wiki ubuntu-fr]

Then, it’s just a matter of using the mount folder in the apps settings or changing the current folder with a symlink with ln -s /path/for/the/app /mount/folder/windows

Or maybe you’re looking for Samba, it depends on what you mean by “The storage space is already available through my home network.”. How is it available.

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