Custom web app homepage not showing

My YunoHost server

Hardware: VPS bought online
YunoHost version: (stable)
I have access to my server : Through SSH
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no

Description of my issue

Custom web app homepage not showing when one goes to the root domain of website

what you are trying to achieve

Have website visitors view the homepage of my custom website.
I am trying to set up YuNoHost so that it can serve my website which is hosted on a VPS.

**Full description of problem **:

Hello and thank you for your help in advance.
I am trying to set up YuNoHost so that it can serve my website which is hosted on a VPS.
I have root access to the VPS via SSH.
The VPS server is running Debian 11.
I have successfully installed the version of YuNoHost on the VPS.

Initially I installed the software on the root domain of my website.
Then, I created a subdomain and moved the YuNoHost to the subdomain.
I don’t want visitors to my website to see the YuNoHost log-in page.

The problem that I’m facing is that after I installed the my_webapp (to create a custom website) when I go to the root domain for my website I get redirected to the YuNoHost’s login page.

I went through a whole bunch of forum posts and found one that indicated that I needed to edit the NGINX config file. I edited the file named mydomain.tld.conf in the /etc/nginx/conf.d directory, and added an entry for the root directory of my custom website. After that I restarted NGINX.
From the behavior of the web browser it seems that there is a redirect setup that redirects from the root domain to the YuNoHost’s login page.

How can I resolve this problem? Please help.

Have you tried configuring the application used on your DNS from web administration?

Hi and thank you for your response. Do you mean that I should try to configure my custom web app from the YuNoHost web admin interface? No I have not done that. Could you provide some directions on what I need to change in the configuration of the custom webapp?

You can try 2 things inside your Web Admin.

Inside your Applications screen, select the App and check if your config are ok.

Or, inside your Domain, you can try to config the default app

Hello Ok thank you that did the trick. I appreciate your help!

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