Custom port/service diagnosis

Hello there,
I recently manually installed a service listening to a port, not going through a Yunohost app. It works well and all but I’d like to make use of the diagnosis tool of Yunohost for this service. Is there a way to manually add the port in the list of ports the diagnosis tools has to check ? And add the service in the diagnosis and Service section of the web interface ?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Hmmm you can probably safely use yunohost service add

# yunohost service add --help
usage: yunohost service add name
                            [-h] [-d DESCRIPTION] [-l LOG [LOG ...]] [--test_status TEST_STATUS] [--test_conf TEST_CONF]
                            [--needs_exposed_ports PORT [PORT ...]] [-n]

# more details available in the actual output

in particular with the option --needs_exposed_ports

(Ah, important note is that it might be coupled to systemd and will expect to find a systemd service with the same name … that may not work well if the point is to diagnose a docker port for example … Though you could(should?) have a systemd service to automatically start/stop a docker container …)

Perfect, thanks !

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