Custom Nameservers

Just so I understand,If I added my own custom nameservers (ie ns1.somedomain.tld, ns2.somedomain.tld, etc) that would automatically take care of setting up the DNS on new domains I added in the Ynohost admin interface.
Is that correct?
Im asking because I have a friend that wants me to host his small bands website and email. And I dont really look forward to the headache of doing the dns on another domain. Lol.

While on the subject does Yunohost have nameservers we can use that would do that with?
Or is that only allowable on the,, etc?

Only dns in and are updated automatically.

For now, with an other domain you need toupdate the dns by hand.

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Thats what I thought. But this is what is confusing me.

Your YunoHost instance has its own DNS service, which means it will automatically configure its own DNS records, and that you can leave the setup to the instance itself. To do this, you must explain to your registrar that your YunoHost instance is the authoritative DNS server for your domain name.

What exactly does that mean? Sounds like using nameservers to me. I’ve switched nameservers on domains that I bought a godaddy to another host and everything I wanted to do with dns was handled at the new host.

It means you can decide to use your YunoHost instance as authoritative nameserver instead of those of godaddy.

To do that, i think you need to indicate in your godaddy console a SOA record to point on your yunohost server. After that all subdomain created with yunhost will be automatically configured.

Note: personnaly i never test this features. Maybe @Josue or @Maniack_Crudelis knows more about this ?

Ok thats what I was thinking it was.
But is kinda scary that if my Yunohost cpu dies Im screwed at pointing the domain elsewhere.
Yeah. Not messing with it, lol.