Custom Announcement Message for Users

Hello. I would like to setup a custom announcement message for the users of my YuNoHost installation. The message could appear in the Login page and/or the portal page. The purpose would be to either announce for the users the upcoming maintanance or information that they use an unstable non-production environment.

I couldn’t find this feature in the Admin part so I guess I’ll need to create something manually (sorry, I’m not a too technical person or a developer).
My guess is that I’ll need to adopt the css file of my current theme and create the messsage itself in the html file. If my assumption is correct, which html file do I need to change?

Many thanks for any help!

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:vulcan_salute: livelongandplosper

I was quite sure I saw ‘enable maintenance mode’ somewhere in the webadmin, but I can’t find it.

For easier switching you could edit one of the available themes,

There is some theme-related documentation that would get you started. Copy/paste from that page:

You can list the available themes with:

$ ls /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/themes/

[To change the ‘branding’ of the site], upload your logo to /usr/share/ssowat/portal/assets/themes/your_own_theme/, and use the following CSS rules:

/* Inside custom_portal.css */
#ynh-logo {
  background-image: url("./your_logo.png");

/* Inside custom_overlay.css */
#ynh-overlay-switch {
  background-image: url("./your_logo.png");

Good luck!