Cube / brique on Lime2 install hangs with "Starting Kernel"

Hi, I’m installing a brique and it fails to reboot after dist upgrade. These are the steps:

  • assemble olimex lime2 with box and non free wifi antenna
  • use the script found on to copy lime2 encrypted jessie image to SD
  • insert SD
  • boot
  • use -l to find the brique on the network
  • connect to the fancy https interface to unlock hard drive
  • connect to ssh
  • update root password
  • apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade
  • reboot

I have plugged a screen on the hdmi interface and I can see the lime2 boot and the Starting kernel appears and it hangs here. Nothing more appears on screen and it is nowhere to be found on the network.

I think I have followed the install steps pretty well and it seems the dist upgrade is the cause of the problem. Maybe a new kernel is created that breaks on the lime2.

Did anyone have success in the install? Any idea what I can do?

For the moment I will go on with just apt-get upgrade. I think the main difference is that the kernel is not updated. So I’ll stick to the 4.1 and won’t have the 4.5 provided by a apt-get dist-upgrade.

There are mode details on the brique / cube wiki: (in french)