Cryptpad 5.2.1 drive

cryptpad and yunohost, what a wonderful pairing.
but since version 5.2.1 i have no thumbnails, no previews and no opening in the browser. cryptpad forum writes: "We had to set:

set $frameAncestors “‘self’ https: vector:”;
instead of
set $frameAncestors “‘self’ https://${main_domain}”;

Where to change this? in the domain? in the in both and also in the config.js of the yunohost/app ?
in addition gives the error:

" assets must be served with an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header with a value of ‘*’. Remote embedding can be disabled via the admin panel".

I have the same questions.
thank you, stay awesome

hello @emo

thanks for your feedback.
we pushed a fix yesterday about the CORS error on thumbnails of uploaded files and profile pictures.

Please try with version 5.2.1~ynh8 and report if the problem is still present.

my version is Version: 5.2.1~ynh8

ok, after de installing and reinstalling it works :smile:
perhaps i came from testing?

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Yes I confirm it works nice now :revolving_hearts: