Created a theme based on the Nord palette

Hi all!

Since it’s social distancing time and I have a lot of spare time on hands, I experimented with some light theming for Yunohost.
I “created” an easy on the eyes theme based on the Nord palette available here for those interested:

It’s a bit rough around the edges (I’m no CSS expert…) but it works. Don’t hesitate to contribute :slight_smile:


it looks great on your screenshot, however when I’ve tried to install your theme, it looks the same as the default one. Are you sure you’ve uploaded the correct files on github?



Looks like I kinda messed this up. Should be the correct version now :slight_smile: Sorry!


Thanks ! this is lovely :slight_smile:

thank you, it’s working fine now! Lovely desaturated colors…

Sorry for the confusion. It’s pretty rough around the edges, so feel free to submit PRs!