Create mailbox named "admin" for few of my domains

i have installed yunohost on a vps with contabo,
everything work as charm, i have installed roundcube and found how to create mailbox’s (and transfer my domains since it’s work better then every service)
i search deep for hours how do i create “admin”
it’s says everytime (when i try to add alias…)
“This e-mail address is reserved for the admins group”
well, yes im admin and yes im the root, but how can i do it? i have access to admin panel ofcurse and also to the ssh as root :slight_smile:

If you run this command what do you get?

sudo yunohost user group info admins


  • admin @h****ud .co
  • admins @h****oud .co
  • root @h****loud .co
  • abuse @h****loud .co
  • webmaster @h****oud .co
  • postmaster@h****loud .co
  • r****y
  • su****rt
  • h****o
  • kimai2.main
  • mail.main
  • kimai2.super_admin
  • kimai2.admin
  • roundcube.main
  • xmpp.main

i **** the domains so … ok there is “admin” for the main domain, but i want admin@other domain

Hi roeyfr,

Welcome to the forums!

You can use the same command as Jarod gave, and use another option:

sudo yunohost user group admins admin@other.domain.tld

If you need something like this another time, and can’t find it in the web interface (most things are, but email aliases for groups is one of the things only available on the command line), you can play around with the yunohost commands.

The yunohost-commands are quite friendly in explaining what they need to function. For example, if you type sudo yunohost user group and press enter, it will give a list of options.

Good luck and have fun with you Yunohost!

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