create a wifi hotspot piratebox to a VPN (internet Cube)

Firstly thanks to the Yunohost project that allowed me to create my self-hosted site on a RasPi3
I would have the wish to extend this installation by creating a piratebox wifi hotspot to a private VPN type
Is it achievable without jeopardizing the security of my current Yunohost installation?
If so, where to find a tutorial adapted to create this Piratebox?
To summarize:
from my yunohost installed and perfectly functional on Raspi3, I wish that my friends can connect on the Raspi usb wireless antenna, to connect to the Internet via my commercial VPN through my FreeBox.
Thank you in advance for your valuable answers …

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Hellow !

Yes, it is achievable and in fact is one of the core feature of the Internet Cube.

Before explaining though, I wish to clarify that the “piratebox” thing is, imho, unrelated. My understanding is that a piratebox is commonly an offline-device broadcasting a wifi though which people can access an interface to drop/download (and thus share) files. (Again, that’s my own understand / definition, maybe other people’s definition differ, idk)

What you want to achieve here is, I believe, rather called a ‘VPN box’ (though it is a less sexy name than Piratebox, agreed :wink:)

It is typically done by combining the vpnclient app with the hotspot app. The wifi created through the hotspot app will automatically be routed via the VPN of vpnclient if it’s up.

Thank you for this answer that puts the moints on the i :sourire:
I think you have fully understood my project, now how to achieve it … :en pensant:
If I go to Yunohost admin - install apps
I can not find the application vpnclient with the application hotspot how to make the application usable in Yunohost admin? . As these are not proposed applications is there a risk to the security of the whole?
See you soon

I think you should first add the community list if that’s not already done.

Somewhere in the Apps install menu, you should have a green button about ‘Managing app lists’, then you shall be able to add the community list with another button.

Then the vpnclient and hotspot app should be available :wink:

Well it’s moving forward But …
The hotspot hotspot is installed and activated but the AP does not appear on the wifi network …
Possible errors ???
See you soon

I tried to uninstall the Wifi Hotspot app and … Bingo! I broke everything: the site is inaccessible https: // my_domain / yunohost / admin is inaccessible.
Fortunately everything being on a USB disk I can access and recover my main data :wink:
Is there any way to restart this yunohost on the raspberryPi or do I have to reinstall everything?
Thank you for not letting me down :slight_smile:

well, if you can’t ssh anymore, maybe a new install would be faster

or plug the raspberry on a screen to see if it starts ok + show the ip address ?

else you can look directly on the usb stick about the config of hostapd and dnsmaq involved in the wifi hotspot process, and /var/log/messages to see what happen.

some infos about it in another context


Good evening,
I can access the screen but apparently the SSH blocking.
From the screen in admin can we restart SSH with the commands that go well, to clarify me …?
Thank you in advance !

good evening
PHEW! I finally recovered everything SSH ok DNS ok
I also uninstalled the AP hotspot WIFI that had everything blazed !!!
So I abandon this project of “box VPN” on a raspi because not enough documented for my small level. I will wait to build on successful experiences.
Thank you all