CPU running excessively since unfinished Peertube update

My YunoHost server

Hardware:Old lcomputer
YunoHost version: (stable)

I have access to my server through the webadmin | direct access via keyboard / screen

PeerTube from 4.2.2~ynh2 to 5.0.1~ynh1

Peertube appears to have updated to version 5.01 but the Web Admin/System Update doesn’t seem to recognize that it’s been successfully installed.

But as you can see from the running instance it has been successfully updated:

The update took a very long time, I left it for approximately 1.5 hrs to be sure before restarting the server. Since then my CPU seems to be running heavily as if it’s still executing a process.

I have 2 logs, one of the initial upgrade, here:

and another to regenerate the Ngnix configuration

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I had a “similar” problem with the installation of LanguageTool, my system stuck for a very long time (I couldn’t access the web administration). So I force-rebooted my machine, saw that LanguageTool seemed to be installed, but it was not working. It’s only after I realized that the installation required the download of gigabytes of data (> 15GB), which on my slow internet connection, means that it would need hours and hours.
So, I uninstalled/reinstalled, let it finish its process (during the night), and in the morning everything was finally OK.

Thanks GoustiFruit, I think that may have been an issue for me as well. Perhaps the the backup is what took the bulk of the time. I ran the update again overnight and although it gave me a “502 error” when I refreshed, it seems to have completed:)

I’ll wait a bit to see if it’s resolved before I mark this complete… I appreciate the input:)

Peertube has now finished successfully, however the CPU has still continued to run excessively.

To make it clear, I do use a DE on my server which allows me to see the System Resource usage and it’s clearly spiking, and I’m not sure why

As reference, this is from a cloned drive on the same hardware using Debian 10, before the upgrades

Is Peertube doing extra processing for your videos ? I don’t know much about Peertube, but working on videos may be CPU intensive !?

Thanks, yeah it does when encoding videos or excessive use for sure, but it’s doing this when idle:(

I even went so far as to disable the “peertube” process, and it still does it.

It seems like it has more to do with the Debian upgrade, but if this continues I may just overwrite this upgrade with my cloned copy and try upgrading everything except Peertube and see if that’s it

Which DE did you use? Because if it was KDE you may have baloo indexing all your files. That can be checked with “balooctl status” on the cmd. But then your screenshot looks a bit more like gnome system monitor to me so it may be the gnome file indexer (whatever that is called).

However, the easiest way to identify the process is to wait until it is doing it again and then open a terminal and type “top” which will give you a list if all the system processes and the resources they are consuming.

If you don’t feel like using the command line then you can do the same thing by looking at processes tab of your system monitor.

Thanks, I’m suspicious that it may be the DE as well, I’m using Gnome. The only reason being that since I have physical access to the computer I often navigate through my system files via a GUI.

Do you think it’s a good idea to install another DE that is more lightweight like XFCE of similar and then just choose it on login instead of Gnome to test?

Here is a screengrab of the processes, with Firefox on the top, which is what I’m using to respond here, but other than that, it’s Gnome below that.

Are the colums arranged by % of CPU or is the problem not happening currently?

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