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I have one question about those ports, in the router should I open only the port 3478 requested by coturn, or all those ports?

Hi jwqos,

Of the listed ports, I have only opened 5349 and 5350 for TCP as well as for UDP. The “Ports” listing of diagnosis only checks 5349 for coturn-synapse.

For Metronome / XMPP I have also opened 5222 and 5269 in TCP.

I do have a phone icon in Conver6tions for some contacts, and not for some others, but not used it so often that I know whether it still works (it did use to, a few years back, but I’m not sure who of these contacts still recognizes the sound that their jabber cilent makes when I ring them, so I’m out of test cases)

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You can test your server with

Not sure how to interpretate the results, I have another problem in the diagnosis it says port 3478 is not open, but it is open in firewall and on my router/modem.

Normaly the diagnosis should not check the port 3478 as you opened it manually (unless it was open previously by another app, in this case you could be in trouble).

Could you precise what is your issue (if there is still one) ? Can you see the phone icon in Conversations ?

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Maybe that’s my problem, I am not using conversations but dino on linux mobile(mobian). And gajim on desktop, that apparently has some issues on calls with the latest release.

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