Correct rDNS setup for mail-domain

Hi there,

I have a question regarding the correct configuration of rDNS.

yunohost is running on a subdomain ( on a VPS, but manages the mails for the main domain (, which is running on my home server).

I achieved this by setting up DNS-entries.
MX for points to

I’m writing and receiving mails from addresses in the form of *

Now I’m unsure, how my rDNS entry should look like. Should the IP-Adress be solved to or to

Any help is very much appreciated, and I’m happy to provide more information if necessary.

Hi there,

I think I found the solution, as this question is not really yunohost-specific.

The reverse dns entry should be for the mail subdomain, even if this domain is capable of receiving and sending mails for the main domain.

Best regards!