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Converse is a free and open-source XMPP chat client written in JavaScript which can be tightly integrated into any website.
The benefit of using converse.js as opposed to relying on a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution, is that your users can have a much more customized, streamlined and integrated webchat experience and that you have control over the data. The latter being a requirement for many sites dealing with sensitive information.

Shipped version: 7.0.4






I can not find the application yet :sob:
It seems that the integration level can not compute, and the-link to install does not know the app.
Is it possible to have the link to the git repo ?

Thanks for this integration, I really want to try it and have a web interface to XMPP :slightly_smiling_face:

Neither can I!

When I click the ‘Install with Yunohost’-button on top, I get a warning that the app is not maintained.

When I change ‘app=converse’ to ‘app=nextcloud’ (for example), the check for maintenance is OK and I am asked for my Yunohost-address. Cool! :slight_smile:

It’s the first ‘Install with Yunohost’-button I have clicked, it is a nice feature!

You can install Converse with this command:
sudo yunohost app install https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/converse_ynh

The app package itself is very fresh (yesterday night). Once the app is integrated in the apps catalog you should be able to install it through the webadmin…

  • Connecting Converse to YunoHost BOSH endpoint should work.
  • message encryption with OMEMO is not working yet (edit. to be confirmed)
    … and many other things that I’m relying to XMPP experts to point out and to help integrate.
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I can’t click on the “Create an accout” button (nothing happens). Is it a bug ? Is it possible to create a XMPP account through Converse without creating a Yunohost user ?

updated to v9.0.0

it works fine, thanks

@ericg I’ve had to edit /var/www/converse/index.htm file (as I had with previous versions)

assets_path: '/dist/'


assets_path: 'dist/'

so my browser’s default language is loaded. I could make a PR on github but it’s just a minor change so I just report here.

Thanks for reporting!
what if you remove this line assets_path: '/dist/', is it still working as you expect? (/dist/ is the default setting so we don’t need this line)

if I remove assets_path Converse loads default english values.

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