[Contributors meeting] May 1st, 2018

Dear YunoHost contributors,

we will have our next meeting on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018 :grinning:. It will be on the usual Mumble server (kload.fr:64738) at 20h30 UTC+2 !

NB: You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project. :v:

Here is the pad’s link where you can prepare the meeting:

Feel free to add topics and bullet points you would like to be discussed during the meeting !



  • Aleks
  • Josue
  • Maniack
  • irina
  • ljf
  • Moul
  • yolateng0

Misc news

[Stretch] Beta release !

  • Many fixes done on the stretch-migration and stretch branches (especially the infamous disappearance of the ‘installed’ flag)

  • There’s also a new migration for postgresql 9.4 -> 9.6 db migration which is still kinda yolo at the moment (here)

  • Redeployed the deb buildchain on forge.yunohost.org which is to be the final one (‘forge2’ lxc is a yunohost stretch instance)

  • Gotta discuss how to handle the beta release

    • [discussion about making a testing or an unstable release. Discussion rapidly shifts to the next point as it’s related.]

TODO Alex : disable https for forge nginx conf (causing stuff with apt-transport-https)(no worries, deb are checked with GPG)
TODO Alex : recheck migration with nextcloud
TODO Alex : recheck ISO thing, might be due to the https thing
TODO Alex : remove the http2 thing for now as it’s causing issues :confused:

In the end, we decide to open the beta on unstable, maybe move it to testing after we release the stable in a few days (c.f. next point)

[Core] Release on jessie ?

c.f. https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/compare/stable...unstable

Regarding the CSP config, we decide to keep the “upgrade-insecure-request”, but to move the other stuff to a -Report-Only header (“debug mode” of the CSP) until we have a better understanding of what we should do with this.

Regarding the release, we decide to go for a testing release for ~3 days to catch up with the CI, then release a stable if there’s no show stopper.

[apps] add_headers in nginx conf (Related to previous CSP item)

‘Funny’ thing, kinda related : https://blog.g3rt.nl/nginx-add_header-pitfall.html
(tl;dr : if you put any add_header in a nginx conf bloc, it forgets about every previous add_header in the parents…)

One solution is to use more_set_headers instead (already available via nginx-extras) …

We could add a check in the app linter that add_header isn’t used … if it is, then advise to use more_set_headers instead…

(If there’s time) [Apps] Maintenance pings

TODO : send a mail to the app groups when such ‘maintenance pings’ are created
TODO : run this ! (someday when there’s time)

Next meeting

May 15th