[Contributors meeting] March 20th, 2018

Dear YunoHost contributors,

we will have our next meeting on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 :grinning:. It will be on the usual Mumble server (kload.fr:64738) at 20h30 UTC+2 !

NB: You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project. :v:

Here is the pad’s link where you can prepare the meeting:

Feel free to add topics and bullet points you would like to be discussed during the meeting !

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  • Aleks
  • Bram
  • Irina
  • Maniack
  • ljf
  • frju365

Misc news since last time

[Money] Liberapay

  • TODO: Maybe precise what the money will be used for in page
  • Aleks proposes to take 3€ / week as nominal take to cover the 12€ / months for the forum…
  • Wait to setup the thing with Framasoft, then go for an announcement / call for donation somwhere ? (forum, mastodon, twitter, linuxfr, …?)

[Infra] What about Globenet server ?

[Maniack] almost finished to rework the build script of the official CI. So, 2 containers for a CI testing/unstable and ARM would be great :wink:

  • Our last discussion about this machine is here https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/yunohost-19-12-2017
  • One pending point was to set up the whole lxc/lxd things to get something similar to bearnaise (maybe look at /root/vm_builders in bearnaise and see how the whole thing was setup)

Todo: [ljf] setup LXC/LXD and other things on the globenet server

[Lets Encrypt / nohost.me] Rate limit issues

Ongoing request on the public suffix list - though they dont seem to be too reactive so maybe anticipate other alternatives … : https://github.com/publicsuffix/list/pull/615

This is the form from Let’s Encrypt which we already filled in the past but could try again :

Todo: say dns are up to date on PR 615 (ljf)
Todo fill again the LE form
Todo maybe call a Nitot

[Apps] Packaging format improvements ?

Discussions about possible improvements to the packaging format :
c.f. https://pad.lqdn.fr/p/ynh_packaging_format_2

=> it seems more urgent to improve the user experience with installation, especially get a proper log in case of errors / failures
(related PR : https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/pull/165 )

TODO : ljf rename log in PR about yunohost journal

[Apps] Handle HEAD commits in app lists

Follow-up of discussion in previous meeting, there is now a POC, to be merged / tested in real life :

[Apps] Keep track of app maintained / unmaintained ?

It’s currently difficult to know if an app is actively maintained or not, and this leads to several issues.
c.f. https://github.com/YunoHost/project-organization/issues/60 for the whole explanation

Proposal is to, automatically, after (for instance) 90 days of no commits :
- open an issue “Maintenance ping” to ask if this app is still being maintained
- if issues gets closed, assume that yes, then app is still maintained (maintained = True)
- if issue stays open more than, say, 20 days (either because maintainer inactive, or because explicitly state that he/she won’t maintain it anymore), then maintained = False
- at any point, somebody can ask to become the new maintainer, then maintained switch to True

Also brings the point of : what to do with previous maintainer identity (keep it somewhere ?)
-> Add an entry in the manifest: old_maintainers. At least try it…

TODO : (Alex) Proceed with a proof of concept of this

[Stretch] Progress / status

  • We’re in alpha testing o/ Alpha-testing phase for YunoHost on Debian Stretch

  • First batch of feedback pretty useful, a few things fixed / improved.

  • Work on several broken official apps in parallel (some already fixed, e.g. transmission)

  • Made a quick test with a postgresql app (coin), sounds like it’s still working after the migration … (both 9.4 and 9.6 installed) so we might as well decide to not support the migration automatically.

  • Major points to investigate at the moment :

    • why do some -ynh-deps get removed during the migration ?
    • converge about https://github.com/YunoHost/yunohost/pull/381 , related to https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/nextcloud_ynh/pull/96 ?
    • (test migration in webadmin)
    • ideally, need some tests close to test case #3
    • advise people at the end of the migration to upgrade their app if some issues are found with them
    • think about UX / ways to really highlight the disclaimer during migration …
    • also advise people to download their backup before the migration

Next meeting

April 3th, 2018

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