Connection via login form redirect awlays to login form


Describe the bug

The SSO authentication works great. But if I want to allow users to log in via the login page, that doesn’t works properly.
from the kanboard user management interface, you can invite a user with his email. When this user comes via the link in the email, he can create an account, and log in. For that, I had to change config.php file like this : define('HIDE_LOGIN_FORM', false); to see the login form. So the registration works, but not the login.
I can log in, but I’m always redirected to the login form.


  • Hardware: *VPS bought online
  • YunoHost version: 11.0.11
  • I have access to my server: *Through SSH | through the webadmin
  • Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance?: yes
    • If yes, please explain:
      I change config.php file like this : define('HIDE_LOGIN_FORM', false); to see the login form.

Steps to reproduce

  1. install kanboard on a subdomain.
  2. go to the kanboard admin panel, with the admin user you’ve defined, and invite you with your email adress (Users management > invite people)
  3. then, click on the link you recieve in email. Normally, you comes on a page without registration form.
  4. to view the form, open the config.php file, and change define('HIDE_LOGIN_FORM', true); to false.
  5. Now, you can see the registration form. Complete it, and try to log in.
  6. you see that when you make a mistake, you can see the error on the login form, but if you do it well, you aren’t redirected to dashboard, but login form.

Expected behavior

Just stop the redirection to the login form when the login is success, to access to the dashboard.


in the logs, any error, only logs of successfull authentications.




sujet également ouvert ici : connection via login form redirect awlays to login form · Issue #158 · YunoHost-Apps/kanboard_ynh · GitHub
Un petit message à propos de kanboard : tout fonctionne bien, mis-à-part le fait que si l’on veut inviter des gens (depuis le panel admin, gestion des utilisateurs, inviter des utilisateurs…) Ils ne peuvent pas se connecter. Il m’a d’abord fallu activer le formulaire de connexion, avec define('HIDE_LOGIN_FORM', false);, mais cela ne résout pas le problème : une fois une authentification réussie, on est ramené sur le formulaire de connexion.

Une idée ?
Merci d’avance,

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