Connecting Sendgrid email relay to Yunohost to send emails

Hi I’m using a Digital Ocean Droplet to run a Debian 10 instance. They won’t let me use port 25, so I want to use Sendgrid to send my transactional emails. I’m not quite sure how to hook up the api. I’m a newbie.

Any help would be much appreciated.

First you will need to add some DNS records. You can find them in your Sendgrid account like explain in SPF Records Explained | Twilio

As explained in Configure SMTP relay | Yunohost Documentation you need 4 parameters :

  • username : it’s on your account
  • password : you propably choose it
  • port : 587
  • host :

more info here → Integrating with the SMTP API | Twilio

Thank you!

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