Configuring two YunoHost servers on home network

I have two computers I wish to use as publicly accessible YunoHost servers.

  • Computer A is my home server, which contains apps for my household like a wiki and a NextCloud. I have already set up this computer.
  • Computer B is a server I wish to use for my friends. For instance, I wish to run a Friendica instance on this server. I have not yet set up this computer.

I would like to keep these on separate machines.

My router can only direct traffic from outside the network to a single internal IP. I thought I would solve this by using a Raspberry Pi as a reverse proxy, which would fetch content from the two machines respectively. However, I just tried this, and after installing Nginx, writing conf files, and installing LetsEncrypt certificates, going to any of my current YunoHost domains did not load the content I wanted, and instead redirected me to the YunoHost admin panel, with an internal IP displayed in my browser’s address bar.

If I tried to go to, for example, my browser displayed my YunoHost admin panel instead of my blog, and my address bar read Firefox also warned me that the connection was not secure.

That’s no good.

How can I have two YunoHost servers on the same network? I am open to using the Raspberry Pi as a reverse proxy for both servers or setting it aside and using Computer A as a reverse proxy to Computer B. In related support topics here on the forums, I’ve seen suggestions to use the YunoHost redirect app, essentially putting one YunoHost server behind another. Either of these methods works for me, but since I’m relatively inexperienced, I would greatly appreciate specific steps.

Thank you!

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Also interested in this type of use-case.

Want to not put my eggs in one basket and messing around with nginx is not really my expertise.

May be this link helpful for you.

This was helpful, thank you. It worked for a while, though now I have a separate issue that is hopefully unrelated.