Configuring Prowlarr/Radarr/Sonarr/Bazarr

Can you give a tutorial on how to use these apps?

  1. Do the transmission delete the torrents by itself on deleting the files in related app?
  2. Have you tried the any of the dlna app?

I think depending on the detail level you want it would require an entire thread on its own… It is not so complex but you have to wrap your head around some of the core concepts of how these apps work and somtimes it is not obvious.

It might take some time but i can do it !

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Thank you for your answer. I was able to connect the apps and they are working as they should. I still have few things that confuse me.

  1. When Radarr or Sonarr downloads something through Transmission they make a copy of the downloads in the specified folder. But they never deletes the files from Transmission. Is there an option to that after the successful import of the files from Transmission the folder can be automatically deleted on the Transmission side.

  2. I have changed the Radarr path for the downloaded content, but it still shows me same path while monitoring, due to which it keeps on importing the content into old path rather then new path. Which further makes it impossible for the Jellyfin to know that new content has been imported by Radarr. Have you faced similar issue?

  3. If I download a file myself and put that file inside the Radarr folder with right name, is there a way to tell Radarr that file is a file for a monitored content and it should be linked to it? What if I put the downloaded file in the Radarr folder and Radarr finds the link for the same content on the internet and downloads it, will it be overwritten by the Radarr new downloaded files?

I looked for a solution to this but the only thing i could come up with is checking transmission a few times a week and cleaning up…

When you say “Radarr path for the downloaded content” you mean the root folder you specify under media management when setting it up ? Radarr documentation insists on using a different folder than the one the download client uses, maybe checke that… Or you may have to delete the old one in the root folder list…

Try the “manual import” option when you’re on a movie page. To prevent overwriting of anything i unchecked any option that looked like automatic redownload in case of better quality/repack. Never had any issue. You can also simply unmonitor the films that you manually imported…

Hope this helps !

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Thanks for your answers. All worked well.
One last thing how to connect to Jellyfin android client with https?

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