Configuring IP6 Pools to be used by the mail service

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First of all thanks for the most outstanding service stack on the internet! I have been using YunoHost for only a few months, and before that I was using Virtualmin - now I am moving most of my use cases to YunoHost as its mail service is second to none! The only issue is with the rDNS for the IP4 not matching, otherwise its fully RFC compliant out of the box! So far I only kicked the tires - but now I am installing the first production node for my grassroots.

My issue is this: I was advised by SpamHaus to put the IP6 interface into a pool, so my mail service has less of a chance to be rejected. So I asked Linode and they gave me a pool. I am not a UNIX root just a hacker, and I have no idea how to do this without breaking YunoHost.

I run my own BIND servers, I have T2s on OpenNIC so I understand some stuff. I copy the DNS settings by hand from YunoHost to the BIND domain. Anyone could please show me some links where updating the IP from a single address to a pool is explained - and without breaking YunoHost? Again, the instance runs on Linode, on Debian 9.

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I am answering my own question
Linode got back to me and they explained how the IP6 pool works. On Linode (this is differ by ISP) you first need to disable the Auto Network Config,by creating another Configuration and boot to it. On Debian 9 /etc/resolve.conf still works as it supposed to (no systemd alterations) , so in /etc/network/interfaces switch all to static and add the individual IP6 addresses from the pool. Then in the DNS add the MX addresses to each IP6 and that should be all. I am going to update this as soon as I got it working for a while, and SpamHaus no longer blocks emails from my domain.