Configure DNS record so all subdomains of one domain work with yunohost?

I’m wondering if anyone has tried a setup where they configure the DNS record for one domain such that every subdomain of that domain works with yunohost, without further modification?

or if such a configuration could be possible?

for example if the domain was,

could all be subdomains to be used with yunohost. I would still need to add each subdomain as a “domain” through the yunohost interface, but such that no further DNS modifications would be necessary.

currently, I create a new bind9 configuration for each new subdomain for each new app, using a small script to copy a template… but maybe there is some way to make this unnecessary?

in particular as I help setup non-technical users, it seems like such a configuration could be useful

curious to hear any setups or thoughts

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This is something I am also interested on.
For each subdomain I need to go and create two entries on my DNS provider:

  • A record, pointing to my server IP
  • AAA record, pointing to my IPV6 server IP

The funny thing is that, I add values for a subdomain, an then the sub-sub domain of that name (which is what I want) also works.

So, I have my domain like, and I want to create then I need to ad two A and AAA records for xxx in my DNS provider, and then both and will work.

So, one year later here we are again.
Will love to know if anyone has an answer to this question, because it is a bit cumbersome to manage several subdomains every time I want to add an app or two

As far as I know, just add a wildcard (*) A / AAAA record on the top domain (if I remember correctly, this is recommended by YunoHost’s proposed DNS conf) and you won’t have to configure an A / AAAA record for every subdomain …

Agreed, I have this setup, as specific DNS records have priority over wildcard ones.

I have all the DNS records recommended by YunoHost for

  • maindomain.tld and *.maindomain.tld pointing to my VPS
  • onerpi.maindomain.tld and *.onerpi.maindomain.tld pointing to my Raspberry Pi at home.
  • anotherrpi.maindomain.tld and *.anotherrpi.maindomain.tld pointing to a secondary location equipped with another Raspberry Pi.
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