Configure a MPD (music server) on YUNOHOST having a owncloud folder as music library


Hi There,

I have Yunohost installed on my dedicated server and I witch to have a music server to stream from my phones/computers.

Ideally my music library would be on my Owncloud (on the same server) but not mandatory, as long as the files are easy to upload on the server.

I am trying ampache currently, but cannot manage to access my files on owncloud from the add catalog option.

Did you already try something similar?


J’essaie actuellement de streamer de la musique depuis mon server dédié qui fait tourner YunoHost et notamment l’appli owncloud et ampache (appli non officielle, mais qui n’as rien cassé pour le moment ^^).

Je n’arrive pas a streamer de la musique depuis un dossier dans Owncloud depuis ampache.

Sauriez-vous comment rendre ma musique facilement accessible (un server MPD par exemple) tout en étant facile à gérer (upload, classement …) ?

Merci de votre aide ^^


That’s an interesting subject, I want to do something similar too but with different software. I want to use Seafile as the file server and mopidy as the MPD server.

Basically what I want to do is mounting Seafile data as FUSE so I can access seafile data as regular files/directory and map the directory on my MPD server. Seafile have a FUSE extension that I think can be used but this need to be tested.

For Owncloud I don’t know how data are stored, are they accessible on the filesystem as regular files/directory? In this case what’s stoping you from adding them to your MPD server?

Hi There,

Thanks for the answer. Actually I cannot manage to find the right file path for my owncloud app (I have to use SU to access data under and I don’t understand how ampache could access this folder).

I don’t know about seafile and kind want to stick with owncloud for the moment.

however, I may look at seafile, as ampache is not mandatory for me.