Configuration type : text

I wanted to implement a feature in borg backup, to be able to send data to multiple destination without having to do a NEW backup.

For this, I wanted to edit a configuration with type = text

I found no other app with this (only mlmmj, which is not in the catalog yet).

Is there any documentation about this type ?
I did a simple test, but it crash the interface when I want to display it (it works on install).

I want to loop on each line, is this way correct ?

repos="$(yunohost app setting $app repository)"

while IFS= read -r line || [[ -n $repo ]]; do
    # Do some work using $repo
done < <(printf '%s' "$repos")

I think I’ll have an error with the formatting, but I prefer to ask before going further.

You can try ShellCheck to test your bash script

No space between << in a first time, I think