Configuration Panel Nextcloud Error

I installed Nextcloud. On the yunohost Backend, where I can manage the different apps, there is a button to configure Nextcloud:

But when I click on that Button, then this happens:

Any advice, what I can do? Thanks in advance!

To configure Nextcloud you should go on the apps and login with an administrator account. You can next access configuration page from the top right menu.

Some apps have configuration panel, some others doesn’t have. The nextcloud specific config panel for yunohost (allowing to configure php) is still in the alpha version 0.1. Someone need to take time to upgrade it to the version 1.0 .

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Thanks to @Kayou the control panels are available and working in the testing branch for the upcoming 23.0.0 release

You can test it:

sudo yunohost app upgrade nextcloud -u

I believe Lost of people waiting for this update.
I’m delaying a plan for this update. the day update comes i will install nextcloud and execute my plan based on it.

Thanks Team!

Here is the log:

Yep, Same for the 23.0.1 upgrade :confused:

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