Config panel doesn't work

I’m working on GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/django-for-runners_ynh: YunoHost app package for and get this:


Sadly, the docs is empty: Config panels | Yunohost Documentation


See: doc/ at master · YunoHost/doc · GitHub

Any tips how to debug the problem?!?

EDIT: I get this on console:

# yunohost app config get django-for-runners
Warning: /usr/share/yunohost/helpers.d/utils: line 25: YNH_APP_ACTION: unbound variable
Error: Failed to read config panel values.

And with --debug it looks like:

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I have the same bug with Nextcloud and perhaps other apps… related to yunohost-11.6

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Hm. Okay. Then maybe it’s not my fault.

I didn’t find a bug ticket here: Issues · YunoHost/issues · GitHub

EDIT: yes, i see the same error on almost all apps.

I have the same issue with all apps.

I have the same issue on all apps.

Same here, I have the same problem.

Make the update of your system the package yunohost_11.1.17 fixes this bug