Complete lost access (SSH/WEB)

Hello, everybody
Having some troubles with my yunohost lately , hope to find some help

Hardware: VPS OVH (VPS 2016 SSD 2)
OS: Debian 9.11
YunoHost version: 3.6.x
I have access to my server : Through SSH in the webconsole from provider (OVH), unable to access ssh from my computer (kitty/putty) or webconsole Yunohost
no special tweaking done.

I Lost access from http and ssh remotly,
Verified memeory status, disk status, service status => everything seems ok

network access from vps => internet works, did perform some system upgrade (apt-get update/upgrade)
unable to log ssh, webconsole or use applications (nextcloud / wordpress, ttrss)

last week (5 days ago) i did made some modifications (remove php5-common) everything was working fine since.

I have some warnings in php7.0-fpm.log (server reached pm.max_children) but does not seems relevant with the ssh issue.


So what happens when you try …

timeout on the http(s) side and connection failed on ssh.
I’m able to connect to the server from the service provider (OVH) kvm console.
And the server access to internet.

Have you tried to ping your server from your computer?

You could also try something like (dont’t know the MSWindows equivalent commands)

nmap -p 22,443 YOURSERVER_IP

it looks like i have been hacked , some weird worpdress modificiations

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