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Commento allows you to foster discussion on your website – if you have a blog, you can embed Commento if you want your readers to add comments. It’s fast and bloat-free, has a modern interface, and is reasonably secure. Unlike most alternatives, Commento is lightweight and privacy-focused.

Shipped version: 1.8.0~ynh1

Demo: https://demo.commento.io/


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Hi, great app!
i just tested it but i m getting “502 bad gateway” error (https://comentarios.cri.cl).


I have just tried the install from master, and I am able to connect to Commento page. (I haven’t tested to integrate the snippet in a blog yet)

Can you provide steps to reproduce the issue, logs…

Sorry, i forget details. I installed it on a Raspberry Pi 3b+ with yunohost panel. I didn’t see any error in the log install, but i will try re-installing it.


pd: sorry about my english

OK, Commento binary is only compatible with amd64 arch :grimacing:. I will add an exit process with a warning to the script.

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Oh, i didn t know that. Thanks u!

I have installed commento and I’m having some trouble.

  • After installing it and I visit the domain I have to register and anyone can register.
  • The app must be public to work (not an issue, but for anyone who installed it)
  • Commenting works, I have set up anonymous comments on the backend, but I don’t know how to moderate them. I didn’t receive email notifications.

I read the docs, and it seems I have to edit the config file, but I don’t know where is it?

By the way, the backend is not mobile friendly

The config file is : /var/www/commento/commento.env

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Can I install it on a raspberry Pi?

Thank you.

No. see [Commento] Commenting platform - #5 by ericg

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Ok, thank you, that’s bad because I need a comment system for my Hugo blog…

I’ve recently moved my blog to hugo. I’m also looking for a comment system (and analytics).
I tried commento, and I didn’t like it much.
Comments moderation is done via email, there is no moderation page. When a comment is approved you can’t delete it. The backend seems unfinished. Even when you disable registration, there is still a registration link and when you click on it it says that registration is not allowed.
I’ve looked at other options. Take a look at this link 17 Best Open-source Self-hosted Commenting Systems
I checked most of them and the most interesting I found :

Remark42 seems to be the most promising.
I didn’t have time to test any of them. But I’ll tell you as soon as I do.

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Thank you for the links @jarod5001. Ideally I am looking for a Yunohost app…

I have found a commento fork called commento++.

It seems that the original project has not been updated since 10 months.
And the forked one has a lot more features.
I don’t know if this helps.

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This version is already available

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I can’t find it in the installation section of the yunohost administration.

This is only available with command line

Thank you for the info. Does it install on a Raspberry Pi @Aleks ?

… Why ping me … Am I your personal support technician or something …

You should ask here Issues · souramoo/commentoplusplus · GitHub

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