Collective rethinking of YunoHost landing page ( refactor)

Hi all! :sparkles:

I am Tommi, a proud and enthusiastic YunoHost user since 2020.

I am talking about YunoHost and how great it is almost on a daily basis, with soooo many people, both techies and not. :heart_eyes:

Unfortunately, the main reaction I notice when I send people YunoHost’s website is a bit of confusion and difficulty in understanding what YunoHost exactly is and how it works in essence. :thinking:

I would be very interested and happy to contribute to the project by rewriting the homepage of, so that it is appealing, explanatory, and clear at the same time.

Nevertheless, I definitely don’t want to overstep or fail to follow the collaborative and open spirit that makes YunoHost so wonderful.

I believe it would be super nice and useful if we could plan a collective videocall with anyone who is interested. In particular, it would be great to chat with people who have been contributing/using YunoHost for a long time. The main purposes would be:

  • :brain: brainstorming all together and discuss collectively
  • :bulb: how to approach the rewriting
    • :hammer_and_pick: what tools to use, if any (e.g. static site generator)
    • :framed_picture: if to use any framework (e.g. Bulma looks interesting)
  • :zap: most importantly, if anyone else wants to join me in carrying out this task.

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Thanks a lot for your time and for your invaluable work!



Hi tommi!

Thank you for tooting about this post today, I would have forgotten it. :slight_smile:
I will be writing about my personal opinion on the homepage (so, ignore the moderator badge :stuck_out_tongue:)


:green_circle:The page is minimalist and not cluttered.
:orange_circle: It makes it almost empty, and the numerous links to the documentation break the flow of reading it.
:red_circle: The catch phrases are out of date, and some out of taste.
:orange_circle: The information on the page is good for people already knowing what self-hosting is. I think it is vital to give at least some arguments explaining why people would need self-hosting in their life, and why YunoHost is a good solution for it.
:orange_circle: We have assuredly the largest application catalog, we should advertise the most known ones and explain what they are alternatives to.
:orange_circle: There’s an active community on the forum and the chat rooms, we should advertise it better.

Under the hood

(I have no real opinion here.)
Currently the homepage is still running under our very old Simone, which was our documentation engine. The recent reworks of apps catalog and packager dashboards have been done with Flask and TailwindCSS, though it would maybe be better to use the same engine as the documentation (Grav), even though all of these would not really need Flask or PHP to run a majorly static website. I would be more incline to use a static site generator.


Thanks for opening up this topic !

A few random thoughts:

  • A few years ago (I think something like 2019 maybe?) drafted a new “landpage” but never really got in a releasable state unfortunately. The top of the landpage looked like this
    • looking back at it : i think i like the color scheme etc, which feels more welcoming and warm and less geeky ?
    • but i’m not super convinced about the message “makes it easy to gain control and freedom over you digital life”, i don’t feel like ethics/politics is the primary drive for people to start using YunoHost or anything that is “theoretically good for ethics/politics”. I would instead focus on more pragmatic stuff like the fact that it’s “fun”/“feels powerful” to host your own stuff, or something along the lines of “You need tools to share stuff with your friends or work with your teammates away from third parties ? This is what YunoHost is for !”
  • I think we should even attempt to explain what self-hosting / a server is in the first place, using an ~intuitive illustration somehow, and ideally people would naturally understand that “oh so it’s my own thing and i have total control over everything”

  • Somewhere on the landpage, we should have a clear summary of what it’s like to setup YunoHost, something along the lines of

    1. Buy a domain name for your server (or you can decide later and use a free for now)
    2. Rent a server/VPS online OR get your own hardware to run at home (ARM board, old computer, …)
    3. Install YunoHost as the operating system (using our prebuilt images, or on top of Debian)
    4. Create user accounts for you and your friends / teammates
    5. Install applications from the catalog in just a few clicks
  • Regarding the technology : we probably want to use something we already use elsewhere (Grav, or Flask/tailwind, or raw HTML idk), ideally something “static” but keep in mind that we need i18n somehow

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When I first visited yunohost website, I didn’t even know that we could selfhost a website at home.

And I agree that selfhosting is a continuous work, made very easy by yunohost and its community.

But why having a yunohost?
What makes it different from other options?
So an old laptop and a domain name can make me have a drive on the Internet with photo management, messaging app, email boxes, etc…?

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