Collabora Online (LibreOffice) How to get Macros and BASIC IDE (Coolwsd.xml)

Hello, thank you for YUNOHOST and its Apps.

I have installed LibreOffice online in NextCloud.
I would like to use macros and BASIC script.

On the CollaboraOnline forum, they mention it is possible with coolwsd.xml

<enable_macros_execution... to true.

I did it but it does not work.

See the Coolwsd YNH service: hastebin

Thank you for any feedback.

Same issue with Mattermost?

I would like to add the Collabora Online plugin in Mattermost.

I have modified to the config.json file in yunohost/apps/mattermost/conf/ as requested, EnableUploads to “true”. And restart systemctl.

But it does not work. Not access to Collabora from Mattermost :cry:

It the YNH implementation request an additional file modification?

Thank you for your feedback.


This has no effect … in fact you shouldnt edit any file in /etc/yunohost/apps manually, otherwise this may fuck shit up because the app will use that new template later on when regenerating conf if needed

The actual configuration file you’re looking for is probably somewhere in /var/www/mattermost/

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Thank you.

For Mattermost, yes, in /var/www/mattermost/config
But still the same issue.
I discarded my modification in the previous file :slight_smile:

Same thing for Collabora Online?
I did not find the file in /war/www…

Thank you for your time @Aleks

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