Collabora / CODE / Libre Office Online

Collabora / CODE / Libre Office Online provides the functionality to allow collaborative editing of documents. Spreed gives functionality similar to Skype’s web version. Both have apps that integrate them into Nextcloud / ownCloud. Both are highly desired by many users of both Nextcloud and ownCloud, but both have relatively long and tricky setup/configuration processes for less technical users to set up.

Providing easy install for document editing / audio + video calls are about the most common needs for people everywhere that aren’t provided in YunoHost already.

Collabora and Spreed are not (yet) available as yunohost apps but alternatives exists already !

For editing online, you have Cryptpad that works well ( or Etherpad (

For audio+video call you have the videocall app ( that works on the NextCloud installed through Yunohost. You can share a link to your correspondent.
For a full replacement of Skype (chat, sharing files, group discussions, audio and video calls), you can try Matrix with Synapse Server ( + Riot app ( that works really well on Yunohost.

Cheers !

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