Coexistance with other Internet services

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At home I have a common regular residential Internet connection and I self-host a Proxmox machine where I run two different Yunohosts vms. Each yunohost vm has several domains. And each yunohost vm is connected to a different VPN so that they each one has a public static IP address. Those two yunohost vms are the only publicly exposed vms (or containers) I run in my Proxmox host. Everything works smoothly.

Now I need to add into my Proxmox server new non-yunohost vms and containers to publish other services to the Internet. What would be the correct way to proceed?

Will I need to add into Proxmox a container/vm with a reverse proxy so that it routes traffic to the new vms/containers?

If so, I guess the reverse proxy will need to have its own public static IP address too, so I will need to get (and pay) a third VPN.

Or can I have everything running with just my 2 public static IP addresses? Or even with only one. How could I make it? Would it be technically difficult or problematic?

Thank you very much!

As you can see here Deux yunohost derrière une seule box? - #4 by wbk it’s possible to have two yunohost instances or more and other services behind nginx proxy manager