CloudTube (YouTube Frontend)

Hi! I tried to install an instance of invidious on my server but it failed. However, I was reviewing that there is a similar tool (from the same creator of Bibliogram) called “CloudTube”. Is there any chance in the future that they will implement such an application?


It would be great indeed !

Invidious is cool too but in my experience it’s tricky to install and highly unstable : i managed to install it a few days ago, worked great but slowly lost any functionnality (thumbnails did not load, it got very slow, and finally gave me a timeout error whenever i tried to read any video).

On the downsides, cloudtube seems to have far less functionnalities than invidious…

If invidious does not work anymore is because ofr two main reasons:

  1. Youtube changes the code of their website, so Invidious cannot “read” parts of the website. To fix that simply keep your ynh invidious updated. To do that you can remove and reinstall it or do sudo yunohost app upgrade invidious -u --force - and it should pull the latest invidious from the invidious github.

  2. Youtube blocks your server IP for trying to access too many times. In essence it throws a captcha at the server and the server cannot bypass it. This can be solved with More details here documentation/ at master · iv-org/documentation · GitHub

We are doing both of these and our ynh invidious works perfectly fine.

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Thanks ! Actually the functionnality loss that i described occured over 12h (i understand that it may be enough for youtube guys to change their code) but even a fresh uptodate reinstall did not do the trick, and i do not plan to update services every hour on my server… That’s where your second point was looking great but they lost me at the “give us money” part…

So i’ll probably use other instances for now :smiley:

Likely it is captcha blocking your server… and yes you need to add some money for anti-captcha to work unfortunately. We added 10 Dollars and that should last us for a year or so. Worth it for us to provide that service for everyone.

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Good job, just for information, FDN (great guys btw) also hosts a fast and free invidious instance :

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