Clean install error, first admin login: "Wrong username or password". Can't reset admin password


I just installed it, everything went perfect, but on the first login ->

“Wrong username or password”

I know the credentials are ok. I assume that the admin user is “admin

I have tried

yunohost user delete admin

and it says "Error: Could not create user admin: Attribute ‘uid’ already exists with value ‘admin’ " and when I write:

yunohost user list it says "users: " and nothing else.

I have tried also:

yunohost tools adminpw

and changed it. But the error continues, I can’t access the admin panel via web.

What is wrong? Or what can I do to fix or reset admin password?


I am sorry, I mixed concepts and was trying to enter the user interface when I actually wanted to go to the ADMIN panel.


and now everything works PERFECT!! :slight_smile:

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