[Chtickynotes] A Post-it App

I have developed and package a post-it application for Yunohost:
You can install it from https://github.com/chtixof/ynh-chtickynotes
Any comments welcome here or as issues on Github.

I add-it to documentation. You think this app is “in progress” or “ready”?

Thanks Moul for the doc. Chticky notes is ready to use. To be confirmed by the feed backs.

Hi xof

The notes are very good.Can they be private for users?

Thanks for developing this package.

Hi kanhu, and all.
For now, the notes are shared for all users granted to the app.
I will add an option to have them private or shared (as now).
To be followed here.

@xof Can you please update the app with the latest version of Post-it ? On adding the latest css and js messes the app.


We are a group of FR students (BAC + 3). For a school project, we have introduced your community and we chose this app.
1- Why did you join these communities? (GuitHub & Ynohost)
2-For what purpose?
3-Why create this application?

Thank you for your kind cooperation

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Hello MorganRPI,

not sure you’ll have any answer from the main packager of this app, since this app is unmaintained since a while.
However, I love this app, and I’m quite happy that you want to take care of it.

Also, as I told to your classmates, I live myself in Lyon. So I can give you some help IRL regarding the way packaging is done in YunoHost.
Feel free, I would be happy to help you guys.

PS: The repo is now here, https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/chtickynotes_ynh