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Is there a way to change the title header on my domain? it is currently YunoHost and I would like it to display my domain name.


Can you clarify what you mean by “Title header” ? Is it the HTML title on the page your arrive with your browser when going to https://your.domain.tld ? Is it the logo in the SSO ?

Yes, the HTML title page. Is there anyway to remove all of the Yunohost branding?

Well the page you arrive when going to https//your.domain.tld depends on if you installed an app at the root location of your domain :confused:. What exact page are you seeing ? By default it redirects to the SSO…

EN :
I’ve the same interrogation : I now use several instances of yunohost and every header begin with “portail Yunohost” or “Yunohost Webmail” etc. I’d like to change the way this is display on tabs. Is there a way to do this ?

FR :
J’ai le même intérêt pour ce changement : utilisant plusieurs instance de yunohost (personnel, boulot et associatif), tous les onglest commence par les mêmes intitulé et ont les mêmes favicon “Portail yunohost” yunohost webmail" etc. J’aimerais pouvoir modifier ces header et éventuellement les favicon pour pourvoir me repérer plus facilement entre ces onglets. Y a t’il un moyen de le faire ?

Yes, you can tweak the files in /usr/share/ssowat/portal, but those might be overwritten during each upgrade of the ssowat package :confused:

We are still lacking customization / theming capabilities for SSOwat which, for the reasons you mention, would be really nice to have… This would really make a great first contribution for anyone willing to spend time designing and implementing this :wink:

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Was this ever introduced? Would like to white label some things, and this is the deal breaker from me using Yunohost.

I’d change it all via CSS, but with each update that would all get reset and just a crazy amount of hassle.

Since YunoHost 3.5, you can change the theme of the portal.

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Thanks so much, Ill look into this and see if I can cover all the white labeling with themes. :slight_smile:

I have gotten it all changed perfectly. :slight_smile: There is one small thing that I’d like changed though, is the tab titles. Is there a way to change these via CSS?

Also, at the top of the page is the same title text as the tab title; I used css to hide this, but I’d like to be able to change it. I’d imagine this requires access to the HTML rather than just the css, though

You can have a look to existing themes,
Don’t know if this is possible.

I found out how to do it with JavaScript. It globally changes all tab names.
I’m unsure if there is a way to change the titles in the Yunohost overlay menu bar at the top, so I’ll continue to simply hide that element.

I will make a ready to whitelabel theme soon for the public


For those following this topic, I have made a repo with a blank theme that can be changed for the white labeling.

I will be working on this as the days pass to expand on it more, and document exactly how to change it to add your stuff.

May translate it into French as well when the entire repo is finished being documented. I’m not a native speaker, though.