Change the name of the application after installation


Is there a way to change the name of the application after the installation ?

By name, you mean the name on the Yunohost Panel (SSO) where all the available apps for an user are listed ?

Yes the name in the panel (SSO) where the applications are available to click and open the application.

Yes, you can go in the


file and change de “label” value to what you want. After that, you’ll need to

    yunohost app ssowatconf && nginx -s reload

to see the change on the panel.

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It worked :smile:
@matlink Thank you

Hello, i tried your tuto but not working for me, i’m on debian and cannot find etc/…
can you, please, explain the commands to do in debian to change yunohost name
i’m newbie and not trained good in debian comands


Instead of changing the file, you can use a yunohost command :

yunohost app setting <app> label -v "<new label>"
yunohost app ssowatconf && nginx -s reload

Sorry for the topic revival but I was looking for exactly the same thing and this topic is the only one I found.
It allowed me to find the key to use in the command line, so I share the solution. :wink:

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