Change public ip after installation DNS Diagnostic Error wrong IP



i install my yunohost runs on private on via NAT and Firewall on the public IP x.x.35.36

Now i must change the public ip to x.x.35.46
I change all dns entries in the nameserver to the new IP

Diagnostic shows now errors.
The following DNS record does not seem to follow the recommended configuration:

Type: A
Name: app
Current value: x.x.**35.46**
Expected value: x.x.**35.36**

How can i change the yunohost settings to x.x.35.46
thanks in advance

YunoHost doesn’t have any setting to change the IP, because it’s not responsible for the IP your server is using

It automatically identifies which global IP your server is using by asking another server, via the command curl

If the diagnostic expects your IP to be x.x.35.36, then it means somehow your server is still using this IP, not the .46 one.

Thanks for the info, but in the shell on my server

nslookup app.mydomain.tld
returns x.x.35.46
nslookup app.mydomain.tld
returns x.x.35.46

i try curl tomorrow

Yes … because you changed the DNS records … nslookup checks the DNS records, not the actual IP of the machine

curl -k
from my Server returns
302 Found

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i found my outgoing ip
curl | grep ".35."
and it is 35.36
so i change my firewall rules “outgoing NAT” and now it works fine, IP is 35.46

thank you

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