Change Port 80 to 8080 or something else

hey guys, so i recently installed yunohost on an old laptop that i have. Everything went fine but wasnt able to install the lets encrytp certificate (i think its because i donthave access to port :80 from outside the lan). I tried reinstalling multipple times. each time trying to figure what could be the problem. after a lot of tests i believe that the problem is that port 80 is blocked by my isp.

i can access my server from outsiide the lan ussing only https:// but not http://
i am wondering what i have to do in order to have yunohost listen on a different port other than 80 i tried several things that i saw on here and some different website like editingthe /etc/nginx/conf but all the instrunctions seems incomplete.

I think you must go in the conf of your ISP (netbox) and add a new NAT rule for the port 80. The ISP don’t block the port 80 generally. Could you please try it, if you haven’t tried yet ?


do you mean port Forwarding? if so i already have 80 443 53 and 25 forwarded. when i ran sheilds up thsi is what it showed.


The picture show your port 80 is not open.

If it can help, on my netbox I had an other tool to access it by Internet, so open the 80 doesn’t work for me.
I had to change the port to access to my box by Internet (port 8053 or whatever) and now it works with the 80 for Yunohost.