Change default directory for apps

Salut ! :smile: Si vous m’excusez, je vais utiliser l’anglais car j’ai bien oublié tout le français.

Not long ago, I was on this site just about to give up on Yunohost because of directory-related issues, when I read this post that said that apps didn’t necessarily had to be set up with the built-in LDAP server. Happy but tired of trying, I left it for later.

Maybe it was just the dashboard though… :thinking: something like that, so I’m attempting to do just that.

I’d like to set up newly deployed apps to default to my existing directory service (Active Directory) if possible, or alternatively, reconfigure them after deployment.

Since it (LDAP) is a matching set of parameters apps share, I assume there’s a central place where this can changed, or (a place) that can be used as a parting point to configure each app… Is this correct?

If not could you share a little how apps (install scripts) get their LDAP information, or rather, from where app get their LDAP information? It seems unlikely the schema/binding creds is/are exported each time directly from LDAP.

Anyway…hopefully I’m not wrong.
Merci !

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